Blood Strike: First Person Shooting Game for Browser

I played a lot of fps games and so far Blood Strike attracted me the most. This game is unique in the since it will be played on the browser.

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Blood Strike, the brand new FPS web browser game is now online! Countless game modes, maps and tons of weapons are waiting for you!


Blood Strike, as a FPS game, performs very well in fluency and network due to its outstanding technical support team. The hardware and software requirements are both low – no need for a high-end graphic card, neither the annoying third party browser add-on! Log into game and play Blood Strike at anywhere, anytime!

Game Play

The game play of Blood Strike stays close to the classic Counter Strike, serving you the best recall of the past memories as well as the smooth screen and operating during battle. In the meanwhile it has kept a fast pace in updating new game modes, weapons, items and characters to wipe away all the boring and guarantee you a very fresh gaming experience!

You can search any Blood Strike game play on youtube for you to better understand.


Name any game mode and you can find it in this amazing game.


You Can Play:

Defuse: A game mode common to fps games, where Terrorist plans the bomb and Counter Terrorist will try to defuse it.

Big Heroes: Kill enemies you see until you become a BH King and later become a Hero.

Mutation: Play against any mutants or zombies

Hide and Seek: Hide into the map where enemies try to look for you, or vise versa.

Classic: Kill all the enemies until you reach the required kills to win the game.

Special: Games that needs a requirements like, Knife only, Sniper only, Shotgun or Solo

there are also  PVE mode in this game where you play againt the environment.

and ETC modes



This is the place you you will buy items for the game like characters, weapons and many more. Items can be bought using GPoints or Gold. You need to topup to obtaon gold.


Arsenal is like a lottery with items as a price.


Arsenal has 3 types:

Golden Arsenal: You can win best items in this arsenal like permanent items. needs Gold Points to Play this game

Elite Arsenal: You can win cool items, Needs Blue/Elite Points to play

Silver Arsenal: Win common items, needs silver points to play this game.

-points can be acquired by playing any types/modes of the game.



Squad or Team.

You can join many squads in this game. Mostly by language spoken.
You can create your own squad but you need to be lvl. 10 to do so and costs you 50,000 GP

This is my Squad: DeathSquad – joins us if you like!

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