Cisco | Linksys SPA VOIP Automatic Provision with Nextiva

A Tutorial for myself for Nextiva Auto Provision  .

In our office, we used to manually provision our hard phones.  We counter some issues that nextiva support advice as to provision the phones automatically.

How to Automatically Provision any Cisco | Linksys  SPA Phone with Nextiva.

Follow exactly the steps to avoid possible problems.


  1.  Factory Reset Your Cisco or Linksys Hard Phone.
  2. Set the Phone to Static, then input the necessary credentials (ip , subnet mask, gateway, dns1, dns2)
    (use default google dns |
  3. Go Nextiva Portal and Add Your Device. Choose Your  Device Model and input the Mac Address of the phone.

  4.  Then Go over to nextiva User accounts->Manage Users->( Select the user where you want to assign the phone.)->Device
  5. On Device, find the Phone Model that you just add in step 3. select then OK

  6. Go Nextiva’s provisioning site: “dc.nextiva.com/nextos.html”
  7. Select the model and input the IP address of the Phone. and click “Provision Device”.
  8. mazterpieze

    Wait for few seconds then the phone should automatically be restarted.

  9. After the phone boots up, you should then manually restart it.
  10. When it boots up again it will update its firmware (not unplug)
  11. After Firmware update it will automatically restart again. They our done.

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