Best Legit CSGO Hack by Darkaim.com

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – CSGO Hack Legit 2017

How to Get the Hack?

  • To get the Hack: Register at https://darkaim.com
  • Use “mazterpieze” as referrer- you will get 1 week extension of the cheat if you use referrer and so do I.
  • Buy the cheat, its very cheap, just €7.99/month.
  • After buying be cheat you can now access VIP section
  • Go to – > Professionals -> Referrals section, and create a post with a title “Referred by mazterpieze” note: you only have 48 hours to create this post  -so make sure to create one after subscribing.



This is the most awesome csgo hack / cheat so far. Cheap and reliable.

-OS: WIN 7/8/8.1/10
PRICE: €7.99 / 1 MONTH



Only enemies inside the configurable FOV will be targeted by the Aimbot.

Control how smooth the Aimbot will be (RAGE vs LEGIT).

Visible Checks
Enemies will not be targeted when behind a wall or in cover.

Aimbot Key
Choose which key or mouse button activates the Aimbot.

Mode Selector
Choose between multiple pre-set modes.

Silent Aim
Remove aimbot smoothing to make your aimbot instant.

Recoil Control
Reduce the effects of recoil.

No Spread
Increase bullet accuracy.

Hit scanning
You will be alerted when your bullet hits the intended target.

Auto Wall
Target enemies through weak materials.

Auto Kill
Kill everything in sight.HumanLegit settings.

TriggerBot Key
Choose which key or mouse button activates the TriggerBot.

Random Delay
Select the delay on the TriggerBot to appear legit.


Draws a box around enemy targets.

Text ESP
Show the player name above enemy targets.

Healthbar ESP
Show the player health above enemy targets.

Glow ESP
Shows a glow around enemy targets.

Chams ESP
The best type of ESP, it’s just more better.

No Flash
Removes the effects of flashbangs.

DirectX wallhack.

No Hands
Remove your hands from the screen.

Wire-hand Hands
Your hands will appear as wire-frame models.

Recoil Cross-hair
Shows a cross-hair where your bullets will land.

Hit Markers
You will be alerted when you hit the intended target.

2 D Radar
ESP too obvious? Try this subtle 2D Radar.

Skin Changer
Change your weapon skin mid-game to any skin, even ones that are not in your inventory.

Karambit, Daggers, Bayonet, Butterfly, Flip, Gungame, Gut, M9, Tactical, Falchon

Auto Pistol
Make your pistol automatic.
Auto stab the fuck out of your enemies.

Is your opponent using Anti-Aim? Select this option.

Anti Aim
Enemies will have a hard time killing you now.

BunnyHop faster than you can sprint.

BunnyHop (Auto-strafe)
The fastest mode of transport.

The name says it all.

Save and load your settings for a more optimized experience.



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